Mid-Grade Cherry Shrimp

Mid-Grade Cherry Shrimp

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The shrimp you are buying are born and bred in the United States of America, in the State of Indiana.

We do not sell imported animals and never will.

Mid-Grade Cherry Shrimp (Bloody Mary Shrimp culls).

A small percentage of our shrimp do not make the cut as high-grade but they still make fine pets, work well as a clean-up crew, and are very affordable.

Neocaridina davidi are a freshwater high-order shrimp that carry their eggs, which hatch into miniature copies of the adults. There is no larval stage.

Cherry Shrimp are celebrated world-wide for their beauty and hardiness.

Your aquarium needs to be at least 3 months old before you add shrimp.

Test your water before you buy shrimp, not after they start dying... too late.

Shrimp need at least a 10% water change every week. Use a double dose of dechlorinator.

Size: 0.25"+ (0.635+ cm)

At this size these dwarf shrimp are already quite red and they travel very well.

Over time, depending on the nutrition, water quality, and temperature you provide, these shrimp will grow to around 1" (2.54+ cm) in your tank.

Pictures are not to scale. You will not get these exact shrimp. Every shrimp is different, just like people. You are buying shrimp from the same lineage as the pictured animals.

"Dwarf Shrimp" literally translates to "Small Small" so if you are expecting a pet lobster you will be disappointed.

Shipping: We ship Monday - Wednesday when weather permits (above freezing and below 90℉/32℃).

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Shipping is not refundable.

DOA: If the animals die in the post we are happy to replace or refund (minus the cost of shipping) because we want you to enjoy these animals. Treat our animals with the same respect you give a dog or cat and we will bend over backwards for you.

Returns: We do not accept the return of animals, all sales are final.

We farm shrimp in the USA, we are not resellers who will tell you anything for a sale.

Our Water Parameters
400 - 500
5 - 20
70 - 86
21 - 30