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Woven Baskets, Bowls, and Coasters Set

Woven Baskets, Bowls, and Coasters Set

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Made in USA with PETG plastic for durability and UV resistance. They have a beautiful woven wicker appearance, and are available in brown and beige. Freshen up your home or office with this versatile set, which you can use to hold fresh fruit, potpourri, decorative arrangements, and much more. 


Cutlery/Pencil/Toothbrush Holder: 4.25"H x 3.5"W, Heart Basket: 2.4"H x 4.5"W, Bowl: 3.5"H x 6.25"W, Large Bowl: 2.75"H x 8.2"W, Long Basket: 2.25"H x 2.6"W x 8.3"L, Coaster Set Holder: 1.75"H x 4.7"W, Each Coaster: .25"H x 3.75"W

Get a discount by buying the entire set together, or buy individual pieces separately.

Woven Plastic design by JamesThePrinter.

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